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Cheering for Social Media

How Social Media has Changed the Cheerleading World

Welcome back! Today, I am going to talk to you all about my first love, cheerleading, and how social media has changed it. When I was growing up, competitive cheerleading is all that I knew. I started the sport when I was about 7 or 8 years old and took part in it for most of my life. Now, I work at a competitive cheerleading gym to carry on my love for the sport. It has been really cool to see how social media has changed the world of cheerleading.

When I was younger and first started cheerleading, Instagram was not a thing. But after it was created in 2010, all people started creating accounts on the newest social media network. Cheerleaders at reputable cheerleading gyms, like Top Gun and Spirit of Texas and Cheer Athletics, created accounts and began to collect a lot of followers. These cheerleaders became famous on social media like Instagram and became known as “cheerlebrities.” Cheerlebrities became influencers and public figures who influence other cheerleader’s lives. They also endorse products and use their social media accounts to encourage their followers to use those products.

For example, Cami Branson, was a cheerleader for Spirit of Texas and now cheers for Texas Christian University, is a paid partner with Bleachbright, a teeth whitening product. All she has to do is post a picture with the product and use it and encourage her followers to purchase the product with her code to receive 80% off. Cheerleaders following Cami can see the product and purchase it, not only helping her out, but also being able to benefit from an awesome discount.

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Another way that Social Media has changed the cheerleading world is that social media has enhanced the way that cheerleading gyms advertise. Now, gyms can use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to advertise events, brand their image, and advertise their company to draw more customers in. Unfortunately, cheerleaders want to cheer at the best gyms, the most reputable gyms. If a gym does not have the best winning streak or that widely known name, it is harder to be successful. However, new gyms and less reputable gyms can use social media to build ups brand and perfect their technique to win more and bring more cheerleaders in.

Cheerleading gyms use their social media to show the big moments that their athletes have throughout the seasons. They also can use their social media accounts to advertise merchandise and feature athletes on their page. For example, the gym that I work at Central Florida Athletics – Jacksonville uses their social media for all of those things. They actively post on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. They post things like videos and pictures of their teams and what they do, posts about achievements, merchandise, and motivational posts before competitions.

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Social Media also has the power to enhance advertisements. CFA – Jax uses sponsored advertisements to reach a larger audience and draw more customers in. If a Facebook user is searching anything about cheerleading, the sponsored advertisement might appear on their Facebook feed and they can discover the gym and want to try it out. This is how they draw more people in. With out social media, we might not be able to reach larger audiences. Social media allows us to reach as many people as the social networks let us, compared to before when all we had was flyers and posters and tv advertisements.

Overall, social media allows the cheerleading world to do all that any other normal business can do. It also created a whole new type of celebrity and influencers who can endorse other brands and products. Social media enhanced advertising for cheerleading, just like it did for other businesses.

So who’s your favorite cheerlebrity or Allstar cheerleading team? Did you like this post? Like and Share and leave your opinion about social media in the comments. This wraps up the social media series. I will be back to my soundtrack and food review posts as soon as I can so look out for those blog posts coming soon.

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