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How to be Social (Media)

Today, I think it’s clear that most people use social media as an alternate way to be social. However, brands and companies use social media as a way of branding and creating an image. Recently, I had a friend ask on social media about her accounts. So, I decided take this post to give some tips and refer all of my followers to some other blogs that might be able to give more in depth explanations for questions involving social media.

What is curated content? Content curation is all about mining the internet for material that can be shared on your social networks. It’s about finding great content and presenting it to your social media followers in a way that’s organized and meaningful. According to a Hootsuite blog that gives a guide on how and why to curate content.

My first tip to social media enthusiasts is to always protect yourself. Keep your personal life away from your business life and keep your social media accounts separate. When branding yourself or your product, you always want to make it easier for your audience to see what you’re branding. You don’t want them to have to scroll through a bunch of unnecessary content that they don’t really want to see. If you cannot make all of your content related to what you are branding, then make two separate accounts and keep your personal one on private.

Here is a blog to read more tips about how to best protect yourself on social media from Stay Safe Online. I think it is very important to know the best ways to keep yourself protected. If you are interested in learning more about that, I encourage you to read more about it and do your research.

My next tip for self branding on social media, is to create a social media support system. The more friends you have online and following your accounts, the more support you will receive. By “support,” I mean interaction. Likes, comments, and shares is the type of support that you need when creating an image online. Finding friends online who can potentially repost your posts is the best possible idea because then your content is getting out there on a wider range of people, a wider audience.

Take a look at this blog by Marketo to learn more about curating your social media and just social media tips in general.

My next tip is to have content that is meaningful. Sure it is important to post a lot, but you do not want to be posting content or information that is not salient, or important. You want to post as much content that is related to yourself or your social media image, or brand, as possible.

For more tips on how to post meaningful content on your social media, take a look at this blog by CopyBlogger. This blog offers an insight on what the writer has done to post content that is relevant to what their social media account is about.

My final tip is to schedule your posts so that you are posting regularly. It is very important to be posting regularly so that you can have a constant flow of content on your followers feed. You don’t want your followers to forget that they are following you because you don’t post enough content.

A blog that has a complete guide to how to schedule your posts is Buffer. Buffer has an app that actually will schedule your posts and post them when it’ time for you. This blog has a guide to how to do this and the best ways to schedule them. It also gives the benefits of scheduling your posts.


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