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Social Media in the Pageant World 

Welcome back! Last post, we looked at the way that social media has enhanced the experience of people who visit amusement parks. Today, I am going to tell you about how social media has become a huge part of the pageant industry. I am also going to give you 6 Instagram accounts that every pageant girl must follow!

First, lets look at why social media is such a huge part of pageantry. Pageantry is labeled as beauty pageants: getting on a stage and looking pretty so that judges can score you and give you a pretty crown. However, every pageant girl knows that pageantry is much more than that. While we are judged on our looks, we are also evaluated on the amount of service hours we complete, our grades, our intellectual level, and what we wear  and how we carry ourselves.

Being in a pageant is not about walking across a stage and being crowned Miss America because you believe in world peace. It’s about being intelligent, poised, a woman of service, and a woman who is driven to achieve what she wants. For me, pageantry is a symbol of the thing you want most in life. If you can train and prepare for a pageant and do the best to your ability, then you can achieve your goals. Whether you win the pageant or not, it’s about beating the past version of yourself, not the competition.

Social media has been used in pageantry as a way to brand yourself as whatever title you have. Our current Miss America, Cara Mund, uses Instagram as a way to show America what she is doing with her title of Miss America. She posts anything from personal posts to posts of her giving back to the community. Recently, she posted a picture that talks about what her crown empowered her to do. All of these posts, contributes to the brand that is Miss America and on a more personal level, Cara Mund.

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 3.09.17 PM.png

The coolest part of the Miss America Instagram account, is that the same account is passed down from woman to woman after a new one is crowned. You can scroll back and see all the similarities and differences between each Miss America and get a taste of each individual brand that every girl has created for herself.

Now, we will look at the Top 6 accounts that every pageant girl should follow. These are listed in no particular order and are mainly

  1. @missamerica – The Miss America account, of course. The Miss America account is a must. There is so much to learn from this account, as far as branding. There is also a lot to learn for tips and tricks and new companies to try.

  2. @SherriHill – Sherri Hill has been one of the top pageant dress designers for many years. She is constantly posting new designs and customer photos in her designs. Sherri Hill is a huge pageant and prom icon and will continue to be because of her designs and the way she brands herself.

  3. @pageantplanet – Pageant Planet is a resource for all things pageant and to promote growth in the pageant industry. The account posts images of new products: dresses, earrings, shoes, etc., They also post crowning moments weekly and in the pageant world that is a big deal.

  4. @johnathankayne – Johnathan Kayne is another pageant world icon. He is a designer who started out just like any other person and chased his dream on Project Runway. Aside from being an AMAZING designer, he is also an incredible and nice man. He posts everything from videos of people wearing his designs, his new designs, and what he is working on. He also runs a lot of his social media himself.

  5. @jovanipageantgirl – Jovani has several social media accounts. Jovani is another designer that comes out with new pageant and prom lines every year. They take part in social media campaigns. One major campaign that they have is a contest where girls can post and submit pictures of themselves for a contest to become a Jovani It Girl. Their It Girls are chosen and have the opportunity to model in major fashion shows, like the Atlanta Market for pageant and prom.

  6. @missusa – Miss USA is an account that is run by whoever is the current Miss USA. The USA pageant system is a wonderful pageant system. The difference between Miss America and Miss USA is that the Miss USA pageant does not have a talent portion. Following this Instagram is beneficial to keep up with the current Miss USA, watch how she is active with her platform, and find more tips and tricks or designers that you might want to try out.

As a “pageant girl,” I have grown a lot from the people who have been influential in my life and the accounts on social media that I follow. In pageants, it is extremely beneficial to have someone that you can learn from, whether it’s a coach, friend, or learning from television (which I highly do not suggest). Social media has impacted the way that we view pageantry and has the power to either enhance a pageant queen’s title or tear it down.

Are you an avid competitor in pageants? Comment your favorite pageant account to follow below! Don’t forget to like and share this post and comment what you think about this post. See you next time on my last post on the social media series!

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