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SOUNDTRACK: July Playlist Summer Hits

Hey friends! I know you have all been waiting for this. I did a poll to see what y’all wanted to see and summer hits won. So these aren’t necessarily going to be the summer hits that you hear on the radio. Some of them will be, but some will just be songs that I have been listening to a lot this summer. I hope you find a song you love or a new song (to you) that becomes your new favorite. Enjoy!

  1. Back To You by Selena Gomez

2. Paradise Awaits by ZHU

3. In My Feelings by Drake

4. Sloth’s Revenge by Dirty Heads

5. Boys by Charli XCX

6. Team by Noah Cyrus and MAX

7. I Like It by Cardi B

8. Gucci Linen by Blackbear & 2 Chainz

9. One Kiss by Dua Lipa & Calvin Harris

10. Love So Soft by Kelly Clarkson

11. Me Too by Meghan Trainor 

12. We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off by Ella Eyre

14. All Mine by Kanye West

15. Girls Like You by Maroon 5 Ft. Cardi B 

This playlist has the 15 songs that I have been listening to the most this summer. I sometimes find it hard to pick songs to put in these playlists because I listen to so much music. I am always listening to different genres and finding new songs that I like and then when I go to write a blog post, I forget the songs that I was going to put in them. I think this playlist has a lot of different stuff in here for you guys and I hope you enjoy it!

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