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SOUNDTRACK: June Playlist – Christian Music

So, as per usual, I did not get this posted on time. If I’m being honest with you guys, this month was going to be a Rap playlist, but I decided to give you all a playlist for all my favorite Christian/Worship songs instead. Growing up in the church, my faith was kind of established for me. However, once I became old enough to decide myself, I knew that my faith lies within Christ and what he has done for us.

For those of you who are interested in listening to my favorite worship songs, keep reading/listening. However, if you are not, that is okay! There is more music of all genres to come!

1. Rooftops by Jesus Culture

I first heard this song when I was in high school and was singing in the youth worship band at my church. This song spoke to me in so many ways and started my love for the Jesus Culture worship band.

2. Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin

I love this song. I love the lyrics and the message that it gives, that God is a Good Good Father and never stops loving, providing, and guiding us. It is a really simple song but it speaks to so many.

3. Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) by Hillsong United

This song is truly a powerful song. It talks about how we are broken and God puts us back together with is overwhelming love and grace. It talks about how God lays himself down to raise the broken back to life. This means so much to me because no matter what God is here to help us and to love us and make us whole again so that we can go out into the world to spread his love.

4. Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United

This is another song that will probably always speak to me. It’s a song that will never not be relevant. We are always going through things in life. Currently, I’m in a place that I like to call the “in between stage” of life. I’m recently graduated from college and not really sure what to do next, torn between graduate school and just jumping into the work force and worried that either way I go that I might fail. This song reminds me that sometimes God calls us to do something in our life that we think we might fail at, but through Him and our faith in Him, we are able to do anything if it is in His will.

5. So Will I by Jess & Gabriel (cover) 

This is another Hillsong United song, but I really enjoy the cover by YouTubers Jess and Gabriel because it has more of a light and poppy sound to it. This song talks about how God created us and put us on this earth to do good through Him. It talks about how if all the other things on this earth still obey Him and live through Him then “so will I.” Such a powerful song! I love how this cover is unique and that there are people who desire to do covers of worship songs and use their YouTube platform to spread His love and word to others. Below is a link to their album, as well as a YouTube video of the song.

6. Holy Spirit by Jesus Culture

As I said before, I love, love, LOVE Jesus Culture. I love their passion for worship and for God and I love their lyrics. This song talks about how His love is the sweetest of all loves and it is truly a come to Jesus song. It’s a song that I listen to and sing when I need Jesus and am fully opening my heart up to Him and allowing Him to take control. I know that we should be doing that at all times but we are not perfect and it’s no secret that people have the tendency to push him out when we think that we can handle things ourselves. However, the truth is that we can’t do anything without Him. And he is not afraid to tell us when we are wrong and that we do need Him. This song is a reminder that we long for Him and need Him to do great things and to succeed.

7. Ever Be by Bethel Music

When I first heard this song, all I could think was how beautiful and pretty this song is. Not just the music, but the lyrics as well. As you all may know, lyrics really seem to speak to me. A lot of people tend to just listen to the words of a song, or just the music, but I listen to everything as a whole. This song explains how because of God’s devoted and faithful love, his name will forever be on our lips. How we will always worship and praise Him for all the love and goodness He shows us. I really really love this song and the message that it gives, a reminder that all we have really is because of Him.

8. Alive in You by Jesus Culture

Another Jesus Culture song!!! (Are you really surprised?) This song explains that we, as Christians, are alive in Him and that he is the almighty power that controls all things in the world, including our lives. I love the line in this song that says, “It’s no longer I who live, but Christ who lives within me.” This line reminds me that I need to be living every day through Him and to please Him and show people that He lives within me.

9. How He Loves by David Crowder

This song is an older one, but will always remain a good one. This song reminds us that He gives us so much. He loves us, is jealous for us, feels every emotion and pain for us so that if we give it all to Him, we don’t have to suffer. He gives us grace, an overwhelming amount of grace that if it was an ocean, we’re all sinking. I love the use of metaphors in this song to make us truly understand how He loves us.

10. It Is Well by Bethel Music

This song is so gorgeous. I always forget about this song, but we sang it in church this past Sunday and I was reminded how beautiful it is. This song explains that through everything, it is well because of Him. Through Him, everything is okay no matter what because He is all that matters.

All of these songs have a common theme. And that is through Christ, we are able to be blessed. That if we love Him, praise Him, and spread His love and word, we will be able to do all things. I hope these songs speak to you as much as they do me. I love to share music with people, but to be able to share some of my favorite worship songs and hopefully remind people of the great sacrifice that God gave for us makes sharing music with you even better!

Leave a comment to let me know what your favorites are! And share this with a friend. You never know how much a song can change someone’s life.

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