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SOUNDTRACK: June Playlist – Rock

Surprise!! I wanted to make it up to you all. Since I didn’t post the first June playlist on time, I’m giving you another one with a new genre!! This is a genre of music that I basically grew up on. Between my sister playing punk rock music and my dad playing everything from classic to alternative rock music, this is all the stuff that I am very familiar with. This playlist will have a mixture of pop rock, punk rock, classic rock, and alternative rock songs that I LOVE! I hope you enjoy.

1. Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple 

I remember being nine years old and playing Guitar Hero with my family and this song was always a song that my dad would pick. I remember that any time I would here that tune I would instantly know it was Smoke on the Water. I love this song, not only because of the memories I have playing Guitar Hero with my family, but because of the beat and it being an overall great classic rock song.

2. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

I don’t think I could explain why I like this song or the first time I heard it. I just remember this song always being one that I like. I’m sure this is probably the one Nirvana song that everyone knows, but it will always be one of my favorites.

3. Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard

When I was little, my sister played nothing but Yellowcard, Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, The Spill Canvas, and pretty much any punk rock band. A lot of songs that I would listen to with her mean a lot to me because she is my best friend. Ocean Avenue is the most popular song by the Jacksonville native band. As a someone who lives in Jacksonville, FL, I really enjoy bands who are also from Jacksonville. Ocean Avenue is actually a song all about Jacksonville Beach, FL. This song brings back the memories of me being in second grade, calling my friend on the landline every time it would play on the radio and singing all of the words. It’s a classic punk rock song.

4. Call Me by Blondie

When I was little and would run around the house singing this song, I didn’t understand the song or what it was talking about. I just remember loving that it was a rock song with a girl singer. Now that I am older, I can appreciate and understand the song by the new wave band but I also think that it is so funny that I would sing this song when it was so not appropriate.

5. Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard

I think that the first time I heard this song might have been when I was little, watching an episode of One Tree Hill with my sister, which is slightly embarrassing that it was the first time I heard it. Then as I got older I found that it is a song that is featured in many TV shows and movies. However, I think the most memorable movie that this song plays in for me would have to be in Coyote Ugly when the girls are dancing on the bar and the bartenders spray the beer on the customers. Besides the memory I put with that song, this song is a really good song and a classic classic rock song.

6. In The End by Linkin Park 

When I was younger, I used to think that Linkin Park was creepy. Their album covers always had really weird images on the front and they just sounded so angry. However, as I got older, I started to like them more and more and now that I am older, I understand what the song is about. This song tells it’s listeners to stop letting things keep you from living the life you want, to live in the present and not in the past, because in the end it doesn’t matter where you are. Linkin Park is trying to explain to their listeners that it doesn’t matter where you end up, it’s the journey that lead you there that matters.

7. I Miss You by Blink-182

Everyone knows Blink-182 and most people love the punk rock band. There are the classic songs that everyone knows and loves like All the Small Things and First Date. My all time favorite is I Miss You. This song is my favorite because of one line in it. The music video for this song is super creepy but I love the line in it where they reference The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love that movie and I love Halloween and the fact that this song references it, makes it so cool to me. Cheesy, I know, but it’s the truth.

8. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

I basically grew up singing the words to this song. I always thought this song was so funny because it didn’t make sense to me. However, I loved that if I was in the car with my family and this song came on, we would all sing ALL the words.

9. Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles 

The Beatles are an iconic classic rock band. Here Comes the Sun, for me is a song that when times are bad, they will get better. When it’s cold, the sun will come out. I love The Beatles, as most people do. But every time I hear a song by the band, I think of this time that my dad and I went to a cosmic concert at the Planetarium in Jacksonville, FL and it was a Beatles cosmic concert. It was so cool. If you’re a Jacksonville local, I definitely recommend going to the Museum of Science and History Planetarium and checking it out.

10. Zombie by The Cranberries

It’s actually kinda ironic that one of the things I am terrified of happens to be the title of one of my favorite songs. Obviously I know that the song Zombie is not actually about zombies. Being Irish, Scottish, and American, among other nationalities (I’ve never taken a DNA test), I of course know how much this song means. The song was written about two boys named Tim and Jonathan who were killed at young ages when two bombs exploded in Warrington, Cheshire. The song is about the Irish/British war and how it affected the families of people all over. This song is one of my favorites to listen to because of its beat and it is one of my favorite songs to sing, despite its sad lyrics and meaning.

11. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

This song, like many by Fleetwood Mac, is so beautiful. I love the meaning behind this song. That things change and even though we are afraid of change, we get older and bolder and essentially make that change and everything is okay. I love Stevie Nicks: her singing, her lyrics, everything.

12. All Over You by The Spill Canvas

This song, I grew up listening to with my sister and is another one that I really started to understand and relate to when I grew up. I often find myself going back to this song and listening to when things don’t always work out with someone. The lyrics in this song are so true that while someone can look better than you, you might have the better personality or the better heart but sometimes that doesn’t matter. Sometimes people just don’t love you back and that’s okay. This song is just one of those that you can listen to and get all your emotions out to.

13. Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd 

This is just another one of those songs that everyone knows and appreciates. Lynyrd Skynyrd is another rock band from Jacksonville, FL. That seems to be a theme for me. Enjoy this classic!

14. The Pretender by Foo Fighters

One of the first times I ever heard a song by the Foo Fighters, I was in the car with my dad talking about how one of the guys in 5 Seconds of Summer really likes the band. He took the time to tell me about how the Foo Fighters was started. I will always remember that day every time I hear a song by them. I just had to put a song by them in this playlist!

15. Take It All Back 2.0 by Judah and the Lion 

In this song, the singer sings about how great his life is and how his dreams are coming true but that he would take it all back if he could have the girl of his dreams to be his wife. The song is great and shows so much love. I actually have had the opportunity to see this song performed live by Judah and the Lion and it was amazing! Shout out to my good friend, Shea!

This is only 15 of my favorites but here they are! I hope you enjoyed this playlist. Don’t forget to like and share this playlist and follow me to be updated when I upload new blog posts. Leave a comment of your favorite rock song, whether its a pop rock, punk rock, alternative rock song, etc,.

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